Vegetables are the cornerstone of any low GI diet plan

Original low glycemic diet recipes will help you with your health plan. Couple this with resources and planning guides that show you how to execute a low GI diet, and you can achieve your goal, whether it is weight loss, reducing blood sugar, or just living a healthy lifestyle.

Inspired by the active lifestyle of Southern California, we want to offer up information and resources that will help individuals live a life that is more likely to be longer, stronger, and happier.  This can be achieved even if you do not have a naturally athletic body and high metabolism.  

When you understand how blood sugar works, and how fat cells are created and how your body stores energy as a response to glycemic load, you can then create a diet consisting of foods that are not only delicious but also easy to make, and most importantly, friendly to your waistline and blood sugar.  When combined with an aggressive exercise program, this can lead to a much higher level of physical fitness, can help you avoid diabetes and obesity, and feel better and more energized than ever before. It is with this belief that we want to provide information that will help people be healthier and live happier.