Benefits of a Low GI Diet

Benefits from low gi diet

If you are trying to lose body fat, or if you are struggling with blood sugar problems or diabetes, a low glycemic index diet might be what you need. When you follow a low glycemic diet, you are consuming foods that tend to be low in calories, high in fiber, protein, vitamins and essential nutrients, and conducive to fighting off illness. Beyond that, however, you are only putting foods in your body that do not cause your blood sugar and insulin to be elevated.  This is the key component that many other diets neglect, and one of the reasons why people struggle to find success with other diets.

Therefore it is a diet that, for many people, provides the body with exactly what it needs. Some of the top benefits of eating a diet exclusively made up of low glycemic index foods are:

Weight loss with a low glycemic diet

When your blood sugar stays at a steady level and does not spike dramatically, your body starts to consume the “stored energy” (aka, fat) that you’ve built up. Put simply, instead of making your body think that you’re gathering up a huge amount of energy to be stored for the future, it thinks that these are rich times, and there is a bountiful supply of energy, so why not burn off what we have?  This is a simplistic, non-medical way of looking at, but does get at the basic benefit of the low glycemic index plan, which is burning fat.

This video explains how it works.  As you’ll see, weight loss is not necessarily just about reducing calorie consumption – it is highly dependent on your body’s glucose and insulin responses.

Is the perfect compliment to exercise to improve physical fitness – When you are following this diet and start to burn fat, you will have the best opportunity to improve your physical fitness through exercise.  The more intense the exercise, the better. Your body will reach points that it never has before, and you will notice that you pass the “eye test” of improved fitness. This is why low GI dieting is often referred to as a “fat burning” program rather than a weight loss program, because, depending on your fitness level entering your program, you might actually trade off fat for muscle and not see a substantial weight loss.  The improvements, however, are significant.

This is in fact the main benefit that draws most people to the low GI diet.  And it is possible to see results quickly, and these results can be sustained over long period if you’re able to stick to the diet. In order to do this, it is critical to have great meal plans with foods you love.  This meal plan from WLR is a fantastic example of a resource that can really help.

Low GI diets can lead to increased energy

We talk else where about increased energy from a low GI diet. This comes naturally with success at the diet, and for someone with weight problems and excess body fat, is the best benefit of a low glycemic diet. With a leaner body comes an increase in drive, clarity of mind, and general ability to tackle every day life with more gusto than ever before. You will also notice this more in the reverse case, if you fall “off the wagon” and resume eating foods that are high glycemic.  Almost certainly you will feel the drain that these foods put on you and begin to wonder how you didn’t notice this feeling before.

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