Low GI Culinary Training

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge base when it comes to low glycemic index food preparation, this resources should be of interest to you:

Royal Culinary

Royal Culinary are experts in culinary training, with an emphasis on low glycemic index food preparation and cuisine sous-vide.

(This concept of sous-vide food preparation is so interesting, I could literally create an entirely new website just on this topic. Royal Culinary has lots of information about it, and they explain that it is “precise temperature control with water circulation in which the vacuum-sealed food is immersed into the water bath or by projecting steam into an adapted oven.” Seemingly geared toward restaurant food preparation, this method appears to have numerous benefits when it comes to preserving the full flavor of foods, and restaurant staff experience.)

The low GI resources on this site are especially useful. They have a section that provides an accurate, quick overview on the benefits of a low glycemic diet, as well as the differences between low GI and keto.

And if you are especially interested in developing your low-GI culinary skill set, they offer a number of in depth, highly professional trainings. They even excel at low glycemic pastries, which is an amazing contribution to the world of low-glycemic food.

If you have dieted on a keto, low carb, or low glycemic index plan for any number of weeks, you are probably aware that the desert/bread cravings are a very real thing (for me, a struggle even). So to innovate in the area of low GI pastries is a huge contribution that Royal Culinary is making.