Low GI Snack Variety Pack

One of the biggest disadvantages that people encounter when they start a low glycemic index diet is that they find it difficult to snack. Most of the convenient, quick foods that are available are not low GI, such as potato chips, cookies, so-called “health” bars, crackers, and even dried fruit. All of these options will spike your insulin levels, cause your blood sugar to spike, and then your body will store fat. As a result, many people fail the low GI diet because they feel there is no easy snack they can have between meals to stave off hunger.

Healthy Paleo Snacks Variety Pack by pop box

Healthy Paleo Snacks Variety Pack by pop box solves this problem of not having convenient low GI snacks.  With this product, you’re able to bring snacks on the go to work, store some in the pantry to grab between meals, and you won’t derail your low glycemic index diet. The Paleo Snacks Variety Pack is great also because it contains a bevy of delicious snacks that are all different, so you don’t get bored eating the same thing over and over. Snacks included are Epic bar, Simple Squares, Tanka stick, Caveman bar, Larabar, pork clouds, plantain chips, almond butter, Stretch Island fruit, coconut chips, almonds, pistachios, and Chia Squeeze.

There are definitely ways to cook or prepare low GI snacks on your own, but if you find that this is too time consuming and not convenient enough, the Healthy Paleo Snacks Variety Pack by pop box is an outstanding option that we highly recommend.

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