Low GI Foods

Find low GI foods

Low GI foods are generally considered to be foods that have glycemic index ratings of under 55. This metric is widely agreed upon, and can even be found on highly authoritative publications such as this one from Harvard. There are many guides, tables, and charts out there that list the glycemic index ratings of foods, which makes finding low GI foods easy.

Low glycemic food chart

There are many food charts out there that will provide a handy index of which foods are allowed on your low GI diet.  Here is one from Lowgihealth.com.au that is pretty helpful.  You can use this as a general basis when making your recipe and diet decisions.

Low GI foods chart

This and other great low glycemic food info was found on the website Low GI Health.

As a general rule, you will want to stay away from high GI foods and stick only to the low GI foods.  However, even this does not always work, as pizza has been supposedly rated as a “low GI food” even though it will completely de-rail your low glycemic diet efforts if you eat it.

The take-home here is that you should make your own recipes and find a diet plan that works for you that uses guides like the one above, while also incorporating your own common sense. Also, if you *really* want to see great results through a low GI diet, you should try to stick to foods with a glycemic index rating of under 20.  This may seem difficult, because it is. It essentially means that you only consume veggies and lean proteins such as fish and poultry, in addition to citrus fruits. It is difficult but worth it, and will definitely produce strong results.

How to make low GI recipes

The key to sticking with your diet is using guides like the one above, in addition to your own common sense and self-discipline.  Here is a fantastic video that shows how the glycemic index chart can be used to create a delicious daily meal plan with low GI foods.

Low GI foods like this can be very easy to make and delicious. AND they will help you achieve weight loss goals. If you’re looking for some strategies for how to stick to a LOW GI diet, an outstanding article can be found on Dr. Christiane Northrup’s site here.